Getting Started

We make it easy to sell your work to a global community of art lovers and collectors. When you sell an artwork, you will receive 65% of all profits. Saatchi Art handles the shipping logistics, and collectors pay for the cost of shipping, so you only have to worry about covering the costs of packaging materials. We offer secure payments by check, wire transfer or PayPal. Our support specialists ensure our artists and collectors are financially protected on every sale. Get handpicked by our curators for recommendation to a wide range of clients, from designers to architects to emerging and seasoned collectors.

Please review the step-by-step checklist for getting started with selling your artwork on Saatchi Art.


In order to verify your legal name and identity with Saatchi Art, you must upload a government-issued photo ID such as a driver license or passport. To do so:

Step 1 – From your Account Information Page, select Address and Identification from the menu beneath your profile image.

Step 2 – From the Address and Identification page, scroll down to Government Issued Identification (For Sellers Only), then click Upload ID.

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